About Us

Prime Select Senior Supplies was an experience that turned into an idea that turned into a company. Our founder and owner years ago had a very different life with many difficulties which led to a long painful rehabilitation. Along that long road back our founder met some seniors and older people that actually saved him from a certain death. They did that by showing kindness to him and through sharing motivational and inspirational experiences that our founder related too and eventually fully rehabilitated himself. As he grew older these great deeds by those wonderful people really had a powerful impact on him and led him to think "How can I give back?" After month's of idea's and planning a senior supply company was birthed in 2018 and we have been in business every since! Prime select senior supplies is all about ACTUALLY helping people that's why we put people first ALWAYS it is the most important model of this business. We do this through our company which offers free shipping worldwide, price matching, product assembly and so much more! BUT WAIT... THERE'S MORE!!!!! Our founder thinks that helping seniors and people by giving them ways to save more on everyday home health products and walking aids is NOT ENOUGH. So our founder started ANOTHER 2 COMPANIES to forward his crusade to give back to the people that gave him so much. CANADA CANES a website dedicated to seniors showcasing a premium selection of brand name canes without brand name pricing also free shipping worldwide. "A SENIOR SHOW" A podcast dedicated to helping seniors by interviewing professionals on valuable topics to educate seniors and the children of seniors to improve mental and physical health. We also campaign to stop senior loneliness through community and companionship. The show is a comedy/educational interview style programming available on all major platforms. Thank you so much for visiting the "About Us" section not too many people do that so thanks for being awesome!! If you want to know more about our other companies mentioned above simply get back on our homepage and just click the icon!

-The Prime Select Team