About Us

Prime Select Senior Supplies is a company that puts people first a mission statement we stand by. Our Story begins in 2003 when our founder Isaac at just 17 very alone and was seeing the very ugly sides to life. Not much hope was in sight but while rehabilitating out of town he met some seniors who shared his pain they guided him, gave him knowledge and the finances needed to get back on his feet which he gratefully did and is now the owner of many successful business that are built on the very ethics learned from these wonderful people along Isaac's journey!

After finding success and a new lease on life it was time to figure out how to give back to seniors!

Many ideas, thoughts and plans later Isaac decided to sell popular senior supply products at a high discounted rate in relation to bath safety, mobility aids, adult briefs and even special clothing out of a flea market! Since then we have evolved into a retail/warehouse space and we continue to sell senior supply products on a retail level to seniors at very low pricing. 

We serve hospitals, retirement homes, physio clinics, private homecare companies and medical clinics. For our larger clients and offer them unbeatable tiered pricing based on qty and unmatched customer service with free shipping! For our retail clients we offer them the same unbeatable pricing with no tier restrictions or regulations as well free shipping and a dedicated representative to assist with any of their needs.

We are more than just a product company I mean that's how we started but that's not how this will end plus with all the amazing relationships brewing and some fantastic partnerships in the works that will help let us give you even LOWER pricing and will increase the impact of our message worldwide! Until then we are hard at work expanding our network of trying to help seniors not just with products but with services and even live talks given by the owner Isaac at senior events and retirement homes!

We are very grateful to everyone who has supported us so far and are even more grateful for your continued support! We value you and your time and we appreciate you taking the time to read this and consider us for your next purchase. Prime Select Senior Supplies is always ready to help so please reach us directly with any questions or comments. So Join us as we continue to journey into the senior world while find our true calling as we help and influence who we can and continue to put people first because that is our way. 

-Prime Select Senior Supplies